Finally, here, our new Webship offers more features

We are happy to announce that our new E-Commerce enabled Webship is now active and available to our customers.  For the last few years, our legacy Webship has provided the customer the ability to process shipments for multiple carriers in addition to supporting our small parcel program with DHL.  Now all those features are not only improved in our new Webship, but many new capabilities have been added. New Webship gives our customers access to the best rates and services to meet their needs no matter what and where you ship.

E-Commerce shippers will greatly benefit from the new and improved system

First and foremost, our new system is now E-commerce enabled giving you a powerful tool to manage all your online orders.   What makes E-commerce Webship different is that you can integrate with multiple shopping carts, inventory programs, and online marketplaces.  All your orders are automatically populated on your shipping page with mapping capabilities to utilize the most cost-efficient service possible.  Beyond the technology improvements, this system will prove to be a huge benefit for Ebay and Amazon sellers as we also offer special programs for customized rates with USPS and other carriers.

Not just for small parcel, Webship now provides freight services

Another great enhancement to our Webship is our new Freight Manager tool.  You can now rate shop and manage your inbound and outbound LTL freight within the same system.  Our Webship Freight Manager allows you to select from various freight providers for the best rate and service requirements.   You can quote, create your bill of ladings, and track all within one system.

Final thoughts and more about our the benefits of our new Webship

With our new Webship, you can now better manage all your shipping for both B2B and B2C small parcel and freight shipments all on one dynamic system. Best of all our system is now available at no cost or monthly fees.

To learn more about our new E-Commerce Webship or to request a demo, please contact us or call us at 866-430-7020.