Why you should use our Parcel web ship

Our proprietary WEBSHIP application is the right tool for small parcel and E-commerce shippers of any size and scope. With multiple integrations and choices of carriers available, our WEBSHIP can best help you manage all your small parcel needs.


  • Integrates with multiple shopping carts, inventory applications, and online marketplaces

  • Improved user interface for easy of use and navigation.

  • Administrator functions to better manage users and permissions.

  • Multiple carrier capabilities to optimize shipping choices by rate and service.

  • Import and manage address book of shippers and recipients

  • Recipient list upload capability for bulk shipments

  • Manage payment methods and invoices.

  • Order carrier shipping supplies directly.

  • Create commercial invoices and other international shipment documentation.


  • Shipment notifications can be sent to multiple parties.
  • Full tracking ability through the History function
  • Downloadable shipment reports in CSV format
  • Live or end-of-day updates for e-commerce customers

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Increased Optimization

  • Process all online orders shipments from one source.
  • Set all commodities and codes for easier international shipment processing.
  • All commercial and residential orders managed on one system
  • All carriers rates available at the time of shipping by service, for comparison.

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