Our story


We are dedicated logistics professionals who are committed to forging strong partnerships with our customers.

Our company ownership, sales agents, and service provider partners each bring many years of diverse shipping and logistics experience to our day to day operations. Sologistx, through this combination of resources, provides a powerful team that brings the best possible solutions to our clients ranging from small startups in which we handle all aspects of their supply chain, to large global companies, in which we provide niche services.

We are a team of committed individuals

Our provider network boasts only the best and reputable service providers worldwide. Speed and efficiency in our response time is one of our greatest assets. Our rate quotes and custom freight solutions are easily and quickly processed and presented. We can help get your product to the market most efficiently due to our flexibility and reach through our vast network of resources and shipping technology systems. Whether B2B or B2C, we have the ability to provide any solution to best move your product from the factory to your customer.

Our Mission

We set out in 2012 to build a strategic network of provider partners, sales agents and valued customers. Since that time, we have over 100 clients benefiting from our various services, and partnerships. We are committed to continuing to grow our network, not to get larger, but to get stronger.  In today’s ever-changing business environment, staying ahead of the curve is necessary.  At Sologistx, we are always adding resources and expertise, to best support our customers changing needs.

Our Values

Our company values are summed up in one word, partnership. Partnerships with our service providers, our skilled sales agents, and most importantly, our customers, is what makes us successful. We are proud to have built up a diverse customer base through honesty, accessibility, communication, and of course, premier service.   We are committed to staying true to this core value as we are not only constantly expanding, but evolving.   We value each customer the same, no matter how small or large their transportation profile.

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